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14.06.2023 Cindyl (THUMBS UP OUR LADY OF LORETO) & Jetyl (MAJESTIC HORIZON ADMIRABLE JETY) sündis 4 poissi ja 2 tüdrukut 😍🥰🥳🌟❤️


30.05.2022 Sai  Majestic  Horizon Admirable Jety 5  kutsika  isaks_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_  ❤ Sündisid  3 tüdrukut ja 2    poissi ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


13.12.2020 Hairal & Meiron were born, call me titad! 4 girls and 3 boys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    Haira (NYUSHA IZ ZAMKA SHARBULE) White     Champion !!!  ❤❤❤


    Haira (NYUSHA IZ ZAMKA SHARBULE) Latvia     Champion !!!  ❤❤❤

BABY (Royal Sapphire Petit Ange)     Latvia     Champion !!!  ❤❤❤

Baltic Champion  🏆Mairon  (Zhemchuzhina Moya Absolut) ❤🐶🎈🎉

Mairon & Haira became Lithuanian champions     🏆  ❤❤❤

BABY, MAYBACH (Royal Sapphire Petit Ange)     Estonia   Champion !!!  ❤❤❤

HAIRA (Nyusha Iz Zamka Sharbule) Estonia   Champion !!!  ❤❤❤

HAIRA (Nyusha Iz Zamka Sharbule) Latvia Junior      Champion !!!  ❤❤❤


Mairon (Zhemchuzhina Moya Absolut)   POAG / PLL DNA result! No.  carry the eye disease gene!

HAIRA (Nyusha Iz Zamka Sharbule) Estonia Junior  Champion !!!  ❤❤❤

Now you also have your kennel name!

30.03.2017 Mairon (Zhemchuzhina Moya Absolut) Latvian Champion!

 My boy Maironi (ZHEMCHUZHINA MOYA ABSOLUT) SPAID gene test results!

Haira Spaid test result.

ZHEMCHUZHINA MOYA ABSOLUT (Mairon) Estonian Champion

On May 16, 2016, a new family member, Haira, arrived. He went a long way but was very cheerful when we arrived and welcomed his new home.
Haira came to us from Russia, her color is isabella dilute.

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