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6.06.2020   Dog breeding, puppy growth, development and diseases

10.04.2020 -  12.04.2020    Basic course of dog and cat massage

6.10.2019   Official Rally Obedience Exam. Judge: Irina Popjonoka (Latvia) Location: Tagadi Dog Training Center. Meiron (Zhemchuzhina Moya Absolut) 😘 1 runway 95 points and 2nd runway 98 points. RO1 done !!! 🏆

21.09.2019 Võru Cup 2019 Obedience and Stage 3 of the Young Dogs Competition. Organizer: Southeastern Estonian Kennel Club. Haira (Nyusha Iz Zamka Sharbule) Unofficial advanced obedience competition. Judge: Marika Mikk. 88p

21.09.2019   Võru Cup 2019 Obedience and Young Dogs competition 3rd round. Organizer: Southeastern Estonian Kennel Club. Meiron (Zhemchuzhina Moya Absolut) Obedience 1 Judge: Marika Mikk. 83p

14.09.2019   Unofficial rally obedience competition  . Judge: Anu Oks.  RO1, 1. 91p.    2.  85p 

Shar Pei rally obedience.jpg

31.08.2019  Obedience   seminar.  Trainer: Glenn De Bie (Belgium).  Organizer: Estonian Dog Sports Association

18.05.2019  Obedience competition at Keila Cup 2019. Judge: Heli Kelhäla.  Beginner 2nd stage, 4th place. Very fond of the judge's comment - considering the breed you have to be very proud of your dog 😊

19.05.2018     Official obedience  competition Keila Karikas 2018. Judge: Ano Oks. Mine and Mairons first   official competition.  Beginner class, 133 points, 5 place.

11.05.2018 Koertekool Aron Unoffical  obedience     competition. Advanced class   84p. 1. place. Judge: Aljo Pärn

19.04.2019 Track training lecture by Urve Lageda, for beginners and advanced

22.04.2018   Unofficial puppies, young dogs    and veterans competition. Organizer: IPSON.

Hairas first unofficial obedience competition😉  Beginner class 87,5 points.  9-10 place (22dogs).

16.12.2017 ,,Keila Koerasõprade Klubi IPSON´´ Dog Christmas

1.12.2017   Gerard O'Shea: Koera juhtimine - Dog Management II osa (EST)

30.11.2017   The whole truth about  dog show. Organized by Iren Naarits

27.10.2017  Gerard O'Shea: Koera juhtimine - Dog Management (EST)

31.05.2017 Mairon passed   the  BH exam  !!!
J udge: Urve Lageda


21.05.2017 Tagadi tarzan 2017

7.05.2017  Hike  with   dogs   and short lecture at Kõrvemaa, Estonia


22.04.2017 Our first unofficial obedience competition😉

Judge: Agle Oissar 

Mairon - beginner class (18 dogs) 7 place, 93,5 points

6.03.2017  Lecture ,, Details determine a lot '' Lecturer: Aivo Obliksa

14-29.01.2017  Basic course for judges and dog trainers

10.12.2016 ,,Keila Koerasõprade Klubi IPSON´´ Dog Christmas

25.08.2016 Beebi (ROJAL SAPPHIRE PETIT ANGE)  Rally obedience, entry-level diploma

18.08.2016 Haira (NYUSHA IZ ZAMKA SHARBULE) Puppy school completed​

20.06.2016 ,,Keila Koerasõprade Klubi Ipson´´ Midsummer day

03.04.16 - 21.05.16 EKL Breeder Training and  license

19.03.2016  Handler Training with Susanna Virtanen'iga.  Organiser: Estonian French Sheepdogs and Cattle Dog Society

13.02.2016  Dog health of natural resources Organiser: Estonian Labrador Retrievers Society
19-20.01.2016 Tellington T-Touch practical course. Lecturer:  Wendela Bicker Caarten, Spain

6.12.2015  ,,Keila Koerasõprade Klubi IPSON´´  Dog Christmas

3.10.2015  Lecture ,, Stress in Dogs''
Lecturer: Daina Malickienė (Lithuania)


17.05.2015 Orienteering in the woods with Mairon. Hobby class: 01:55:12

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